Sam’s Momterview

Hi beautiful, tell us about yourself:


Well, I’m 27 yrs old and a Mommy of now two little girls. My oldest, Ayanis, is 7 and my newborn, Amiyah, is 3 weeks old. For work, I have based my career in sales. Currently working as a sales supervisor for Latin America territory. Been doing this for about 5 yrs. Aside from work I am a makeup artist and enjoy fitness 💪🏼


I love that you keep yourself busy. How do you manage your baby girls as well as your work life and your hobbies?


I just involve them in everything that I do. Obviously I’m not able to take them to work with me but I allow them to partake in my hobbies. My oldest loves watching me do makeup. She’s my little helper.  I do most of the fitness home or outdoors so I take her with me also. The baby is small so she sleeps all the time but so far that’s how I’ve managed.


That’s amazing! What have been some of the obstacles you’ve faced as a mom and how have you overcame them?


I feel one of the most difficult obstacles is just finding time for yourself. As mothers we tend to eat, sleep, and breath our children and lose ourself in the process. With my oldest it was easy cause her father was very much involved. We co-parented well and he allowed me to take as much time off as I needed. However, now with my newborn it’s different. I’m with her 24/7 so I’m slowly trying to adjust. So it’s something I have yet to overcome but I’m hoping as she gets older I’ll have those opportunities to just have some mommy pampering lol


Yes, you should always find time for self-care! The girls are 7 years apart, how is the age gap?


The age gap is great. My oldest helps me a ton and is already very loving and protective over the baby. I do have a 15-month-old step daughter whom I consider mine as well. She’s adjusting to not being the baby although she wasn’t too thrilled lol


Haha, I went through something similar but they always adjust. How have you been making the transition easier on your 15-month old?


Daddy spoils one and I spoil the other… then we switch. That’s pretty much how we do it. We just try to make sure none of our children are feeling neglected.


That’s amazing! I love how close you all are and how both of you work as a team to take care of the girls. Is there anything about motherhood that you wish you knew prior to becoming a mommy?


Honestly, no. I feel that it doesn’t matter how many books you read, videos you watch, siblings you raise… there’s no way to prep yourself for motherhood other than experiencing it first hand. I became a mother at the age of 20. It wasn’t until I had her that I realized everything it took to be a great mom. Not just a mom but a great mom. Provide for her even if that meant working 2 jobs and sacrificing moments with her, or even finding strength to push forward in life when you feel nothing is going right. Having to come to terms that her father is happy with someone else and having to put away your bitterness and animosity towards him to co-parent because we tend to forget when a child is born, it’s no longer about US it’s always about them and what makes them happy and what will benefit them in the future.


That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing so much of your experiences and understanding. Lastly, I want you to write a small letter for your daughters. Write them four truths or values about life that you want them to know and understand when they’re older:

Here goes the letter 😘

Dear Ayanis & Amiyah,

Firstly I would like to express how honored I am to have been chosen to be your mother. Nothing brings me more joy than being able to raise two beautiful future Queens. Before you girls become adults I hope you encompass the values that have allowed mommy to be as strong as she is today.

1. No dream is too little nor too big. Chase any dream that brings you happiness and do this with tunnel vision.

2. Never depend on ANYONE. In this cold world you are your own product of your environment. To be an independent woman is one of the greatest feelings of all.

3. To gain love & respect from others you must first respect & love yourself (mind, body, and soul).

4. Life will be cruel; you will be faced with harsh realities and pain will become a leech. Don’t allow this to discourage you. Use your pains, your heartbreaks, your struggles as motivation to reach the top. No force is strong enough to break a Queen.

The world is YOURS!


Mom 💝



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