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I don’t understand why being a single mom is such a “bad thing” for people. I’ve been lucky enough to know single moms who work three times as hard because they’re playing multiple roles in order to give their children a better life. Instead of focusing on why you think a single mom is so unattractive, or looking down on them for being in that situation, focus on the men who didn’t step up for their child and left her in that very position. It takes two to make a baby, right? Why blame the only person taking on all of the responsibility?!


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  1. Katia says:

    Some men are just like that. They want the family but don’t want to work for it. They leave the mom to take on all of the responsibility and deal with nonsense from others for stepping up to do what their child’s father should be helping her do. It’s not the woman’s fault, I don’t think anyone intentionally sets out to be a single mother. It’s such a shame but it can be done.

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    1. Cary Niev says:

      I agree. You really don’t set out to be a single mother. I sure didn’t. The only mistake I did was falling in love with my best friend and truly believing it was different for us. That he was the man our family needed. In the end, what he does or doesn’t do is irrelevant because I stepped up for the both of us, just like so many other moms have. There’s no chip on the shoulder to have, if anything single mothers deserve a medal!


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