Kylie and Lae’lanie

img_1506-jpg.jpegHi Sam, Introduce yourself: Heyyy, my name is Samantha. I’m 23. I am a mother of two girls, one who is 5 and one who is 2. For those of you who don’t know me I’m all about my girls and just know that you will hardly ever see me without my girls. I always have them matching and before my second daughter was born I would match my clothes with my oldest daughter lol that pretty much sums it up,  don’t wanna get too personal we are going to keep this interview about my girls and them only

Your girls are absolutely the cutest, how is it being a mom to two girls? What is your favorite part(s) of motherhood? Thank youu! Being a mother of two girls is a blessing but it does get hard sometimes. Financially, if  I was spending 100 on my child it now doubles to 200 because there are two of them.  They are also 3 years different in age , they need different things and sometimes it hard making sure they feel completely equal. But some how I try to make it happen any way possible. The best part of motherhood is knowing I have two girls looking up to me and who want to be like me so I have to go hard, be strong no matter what. Knowing you have unconditional love for a lifetime is the greatest thing and knowing I gave them life just amazes me.

As a first time mom, I’m sure you’ve had times that were a bit difficult, how do you keep yourself IMG_1509.JPGstrong for your little girls?

As a first time mom I was 16 and pregnant and gave birth at 17. It was the hardest thing in the world! Trying to finish HS and also be a mother. I felt hopeless like my daughter would be ashamed of how young I was & how her mother and father were already not together. I didn’t know how I would do it but I never showed her how I felt. I loved her with every piece of me and tried to best to do what I thought was right with what I knew. I cried and I cried a lot but in the end I think I did a hell of an amazing job because no matter what my daughter and I went through she turned out to be the smartest little 5 year old I have met in my life, she is filled with so much energy, she’s so lovable, so respectful and appreciates me as a mother playing mother and father role for years. Once time had passed, I met my second daughter’s father and instantly he accepted my daughter as his own. We later had our second daughter, it was not planned but it was just another blessing. He moved us into a house and has been helping me raise both girls since. Things were never bad but once this happened, things got even better.  If it wasn’t for those girls I honestly don’t know how I would manage. They are the reason I keep myself together  I want them to look at me as their hero, to know mommy went hard for them and tried her very best no matter what the case was.  Once you are a mother your mind set changes, your life changes. It’s no longer about you. It’s about their happiness as long as they’re happy I will forever be ok.

If you could, is there anything you would have done differently as a mom?

IMG_1508.JPGI used to think of so many things I could have done differently to make my life better…. I would drive myself crazy. But to be honest I wouldn’t change a thing, because if I did I wouldn’t know the struggle, I wouldn’t know strength, I wouldn’t know being independent, I wouldn’t be the same mother I am today, my daughters wouldn’t be who they are today. Everything happens for a reason. Life is not a fairytale, life is what you make it. All 3 of us been through some tough times but we go through them and I just thank God we never need for anything and even on the worst day I always know we will always be ok.

In the midst of everything that you do, how do you always find time for yourself? It doesn’t take much to enjoy myself. I have about a handful of family members I trust with my girls, they love them to death and if I need a night out they are always willing to help. But on the other hand I go shopping with them, nail salon, hair salon, so pretty much I enjoy myself while with them most of the time. It gets frustrating that I can’t go to get my nails done up the block without getting not only myself ready but two other girls ready. But I get the job done. You can be a mommy and still go do things to look cute lol I think they make my life so much easier because they are both so advanced, they are like little ladies and they help me a lot.


If there’s anything I’ve learned about you is that you’d go to war for your daughter’s, tell us more IMG_1507.JPGabout why you’re so protective of your daughters? I love my daughters more than words can explain. I go so hard for them and I’m so protective because I’ve been hurt by many people, many times. I never want my daughters to experience anything I ever did. Even though I can’t control everything I try to make sure nobody will ever hurt them in anyway. I look at them as princesses and treat them like it . Of course I scream they might get hit in here n there but it’s discipline and everyone else will treat them as a princesses just like I do. Call me extra lol but my girls are royalty to me and if you don’t treat them like that then you didn’t deserve to be in their life.


Lastly, as our children get older, we want to make sure that we show them the best but at some point they become their own people, what are some things that you want your girls to know?

My daughters are still young but I already see them becoming their own little people, it makes me so sad. My 5 year old is starting kindergarten this year mommy won’t be around for hours she will have to handle her own problems. But I’m not worried I teach my girls about everything, they are very smart and I’m sure any situation that comes their way they will be able to handle. My youngest as well she’s only 2 but talks and acts as if she’s 10 lol. I just want them to know I’m not perfect but I tried my best! Being a mother was always my first priority. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them. I love them so much and I’m so thankful and blessed to be their mommy. They don’t know this but they made me into the woman I am today I will always be thankful for that. They changed my life for the better.


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