Introducing, my little sister: Cely.

HEY BABY SIS, TELL OUR READERS ABOUT YOURSELF: My name’s Cely , duh . Lol I’m a single mother doing the damn thing ! I’m very independent , I always have been but also being in a city where I only have my son , it forced me to be even more so . Although I’ve been blessed with a select few who are always there for me if I need them  .  & honestly if you have people like that in your life , treasure them because they don’t come often .  

If i’m not working then i’m with my son , I  will rarely be seen without  him . I’m a very family oriented , FAMILY IS EVERYTHING ! Without family you have nothing . I love being happy so I rarely let things bring my spirits down . I have my days though , who doesn’t . What I love most is how nurturing and caring I am , which is why I can count on one hand the genuine people I allow in  my life .  I’m a strong believer in KARMA which is why I keep my heart genuine & pure in everything that I do . I’ve recently started blocking out any negativity that tries to come into my life .  I’ll be 25 in January ; positive energy , positive vibes , positive people ,  I want nothing but positivity in my life .

YOU STARTED MOTHERHOOD AS A SINGLE MOM, DID YOU EVER THINK THAT’S HOW IT WOULD START? Who pictures themselves as a single parent ? No one , that’s for sure .  I definitely didn’t .  When I found out I was having a baby , I pictured a happy family , together forever , through the good and the bad , we would have each other no matter what . As long as we have each other , we could overcome anything . But life happens , that wasn’t in the plan . Regardless how things happened , that’s how  I feel about my son and I . We have each other so that’s why we will always win .

NEPHEW. HOW HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO REMAIN STRONG AND FOCUSED OVER THE YEARS? Honestly , I get asked this a lot .  I don’t even really know how to answer that . When I had him , all I could think about is him and doing everything I can so that no matter what he’s happy and had all that he needs . I don’t allow myself to get overwhelmed , trust me though it does happen sometimes  . I remember one time we were stranded in a snow storm waiting for the bus and it was freezing out . We were out there for over an hour ? My phone was dead , the last call I made was to his dad who of course didn’t answer . Kayden was crying ,  shrieking , so I started crying because I felt helpless . I couldn’t call anyone , the bus was still not in sight . What was I to do ; walk over 40 blocks home ? What if the bus came ? I had no food , nothing on me , he finally fell asleep and that’s when panic hit . He could’ve died due to the weather , he wasn’t even a year old at the time . I had to do something !  I finally went into the Wendy’s  hysterical , shivering ,  asking if someone could help us call a cab , and a family who was sitting down eating insisted on taking us home . I am so thankful for that family to this day . 

IMG_8850With all the craziness in the world it’s such a happy feeling knowing there are still good people who do things for others without an ulterior motive , who just want to help others . We’ve had so many situations like this , moral of the story is I have to make things happen , I have to figure out a way to get through it all .  For my son , I can’t allow myself to be weak . In almost three years , we have overcome so much , I HAVE to overcome it all for him . I try to always stay positive because he can’t see his mother as a weak woman . Especially as a single parent . I want him to see nothing but strength from me . No one will ever love , protect , or provide for him the way that only I , as his mother , am able to do .


DO YOU BELIEVE THAT A MOTHER CAN DO BOTH HERS AND A FATHER’S JOB? I saw my mother do it , but there are things a father can teach their child that a mother cannot . But i’m doing a hell of a job so far .


WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT KAYDEN TO KNOW AS HE GROWS UP? “ Mommy loves me to death  . I am her world and as long as she’s breathing , I know that I will always be good. I will never need for anything because mommy is a strong woman and where there is a will , there’s a way . For me , she makes things happen . She will never let me down . “

WRITE SOME ENCOURAGING WORDS OF WISDOM AND EMPOWERMENT TO YOURSELFStay strong , stay positive , keep praying , and keep going . Three years and I’ve done an amazing job so far raising my son . Things will ALWAYS get better . I brought my little  human into this world and I’ll be damned if I ever let him suffer !

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