Mom-to-Be Stephanie’s Momterview

So what I like to do is ask ladies to tell us about themselves, tell us about Stephanie:
Well I’m 17 and currently 9 months pregnant, I moved out of Philadelphia about a month ago for a better environment for my daughter and I. I enjoy nature a lot that’s why I moved to the Poconos, I’m a killer for views. I’m all about my future and where I want to be, and that’s what I work for everyday.

How was the transition moving from the city life to something a lot more slow pace especially since you are so close to your due date?
It was difficult, moving somewhere that I’m not familiar with at all. Also not knowing anyone, but I got used to it and working makes it easier because I’m always occupied.

That’s awesome! Are you excited about becoming a mom? What are you looking forward to most?
Yes I’m super excited, and I’m looking forward to dressing my daughter up lol, and guiding her honestly. Watching her grow up and knowing that she came from me.

What’s a piece of advice that you want to give her before she comes into the world?
I’m not gonna tell you life is easy, but it isn’t impossible. But I can tell you life is what you make it. Be a good person no matter the circumstances.

I’m sure everyone has given you advice on how to be a mom that you haven’t asked for. Out of all of the “unwanted advice” what is something you’ve been told that stayed with you?
One advice I get all the time especially from my family is that I’m not living for myself anymore, I’m living for her. Everything revolves around her now, my actions and decisions. Most annoying advice hearing it 3683922 times but it stuck.

Haha, I heard that a lot too but from experience you have to also take care of yourself emotionally and physically in order to be in the best state for your baby girl. How do you take care of yourself now?
I feel like I’m doing good, physically I feel like my body is trying to kill me lol but that’s part of the third trimester. But emotionally and physically I’m keeping myself healthy. This is when I need it the most.

Yes, always make sure to take care of you! Lastly, there will be times when things get hard or even frustrating in your new journey. Write yourself something for when times seem to get a little hard: Whatever you’re going through now, isn’t going to matter later. Don’t over stress yourself, and remember you have your little one watching.


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