Kimmy’s Momterview <3

My sister from another mister! I’ve missed you! Tell everyone about your amazing self!

Sister!!! I miss you too we need to go on daughter dates now!!! Okay everyone my name is Kim, I was born in Vietnam and came to America when I was 3.  Now I’m 29, soon to be dirty 30, I’m a single mother with a 6 year old daughter named Leah and just got a promotion at my job making more money and lesser work!!! Yay!!!

How has motherhood been for you? What are some challenges you’ve faced and how have you overcame them?

Motherhood has been GREAT for me so far, I never thought in a million years that I would even have kids. I never wanted them, but that changed my mind when I had my daughter and she has made motherhood so easy for me. Easy meaning from me being pregnant she never gave me morning sickness, didn’t make me gain crazy crazy extra weight, no heart burns, no pains and all the other stuff that comes from being pregnant. When I had her she slept through the night she wasn’t a big cryer nor feeder she loved her sleep though so that made it sooooo easy for me. Now that she’s a big girl she’s bad ass hell but I wouldn’t change a thing! She actually makes me want to have another one but maybe in like 4 years when she turns 10 lol!!! The challenges that I had overcome was becoming a single mother, yes, my daughter was planned and yes we decided to have her but I didn’t know it was gonna end up like this :(….. But the good thing is that she’s all mine and I don’t have to share her with anyone so I guess being a single mother is not so bad after all!

What is your favorite part about being a mom and what is the most rewarding part of being a mom, in your opinion?

My favorite part of being a mom is being called “mom” this sweet little adorable human that you made calls you mom and is proud to call you mom! There’s no other better gift then that. Everything she does she has learned from mommy. When she’s hurt who is there to cry with her mommy. When she needs to know something who does she ask? MOM!! Those are some of my favorite things that makes me love being a mom. The most rewarding part is getting to watch her grow up and spending all your time with her.

How has being a mom changed how you form friendships and relationships?

Well I have no friends now. Everyone seemed to disappear after I had her, which is fine because now I know they weren’t true friends. It’s about me and her at the end of the day so who needs friendships or relationships anyways…… lol

Do you think that you’re a different person now than you were before becoming a mom?

Yesssssss!!! I’m a totally completely different person I no longer party, drink, or go out!!! If it has nothing to do with her or involves her then it’s not worth attending.

Finally, what is a piece of advice that you will give your baby girl when she is a mom that you wish you’d had?

“Don’t let anyone put you down and always believe in yourself!! And that you don’t need any MAN for anything!!!!

(Her sperm donor (that’s what I call him lol) used to always calls me hoes and bitches and that I was a bad mom and that I wasn’t sh*t and always tried to bring me down, so I’m saying don’t let anyone bring you down is because he tried it but that actually made me become better!) so at the end of the day he lost both of us because she don’t see him as a dad either! Yet we both planned her too……smh!



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