Momterview: Chelsy

Heeeey boo, tell us a little bit about yourself: Hello, I am Chelsy, I am 24 years old. I have a beautiful 6 year old named Alanie. I had her when I was 18 years and has definitely been a blessing for me. I am very chilled and really stay to myself. Now my daughter is the complete opposite, she is a character in all but extremely shy around new people. But together we are one:)
You work, go to school, and take care of your pretty little princess. How do you do it? How do you balance it all? As of now, I go to school and work a part time job. Since my daughter is 6, she is at an age where I made her be a bit independent so it a not so difficult for me to balance everything out. While I work I do my homework or when she has fallen asleep. She is very independent so doesn’t give much of a hassle to get my stuff done since she does help with chores. You just need have a plan, when you want things done and how you want things to get done.
Motherhood DOES NOT come with a rulebook, what are some things you wish someone had told you before you figured them out? Yes, it definitely does not come with a rule book, however for me it was different. I had my mom showing me all the ropes so for me it was a bit easy. If I didn’t know what was wrong or what to do, my mom would show me the ropes. It helped a lot and until now, I still take her advice on things because everyday you are learning something new. Mommy life isn’t easy, everyday there’s a lesson to learn. But there were things in which my mom couldn’t helped me out with but as the days went on, I learned on my own. You know your child so you will pick up on how to make them feel better. Follow your instincts, they will help you. Btw, potty training isn’t easy, I’ve learned that the hard way. Just keep the potty in one specific place in the house so that way whenever he/she needs to go, they will find it in that same place. Then reward them when they used it. Now if they don’t use the potty and owe on themselves, walk them to the potty and let them know, pointing at the pee on their legs, that is not good and should be in the potty not on them.
Now that you’ve answered that, what are some things you’ve discovered about yourself since you’ve been a mommy? Wow, since becoming a mommy, I’ve learned a lot. First starters that unconditional love really does exist. Once you look into your baby’s eyes, the world stops. I’ve learned that I have zero patience when it comes to having a child. They take a lot out of you and can drain you. Not everything is peachy and pink as some nae it out to be. Being a mommy is hard work but taking it day by day helps also, getting advice from older mommies help a lot so take it all. However, they also bring a side of you that you never knew existed. They make you want more out of life, to fight for everything and anything and that life really shouldn’t be taken for granted. My daughter showed/shows me so much that she leaves me in awed everyday.
Write your princess something that you’d like her to know when she’s older:
To my beautiful daughter,
I would like to say don’t ever let anyone crush your dreams, always go for what you love. You are unstoppable and can take on the world. I love you to the moon and back and that will never change no matter what. Keep being the crazy, funny, outgoing, loving, caring, spontaneous person you are. Just keep being your own person and never be afraid of anything or anyone.
Lastly, what are some things you’d like to tell mom who are doing it all on their own and may be having a hard time? What is some advice your like to offer? 🙂 What I will tell you amazing mommies doing it on your own, don’t ever ever give up, no matter how hard it gets for you, look into your child’s eyes and remember that this is for them. Everything you do from now on is for them. Keep pushing forward, never look back at your failures use them as a guidance to where you are heading. Also, don’t let anyone bring you down or belittle you, you are better than that just show them what you are capable of.  Remember, you have little tiny eyes looking up to you so don’t disappoint them. They are your life!

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