Momterview: @helloimshia

My deaaaar friend, you beautiful lady, you. Tell everyone a little about yourself:
Hello Gorgeous! My name is Natashia I’m 26, I was raised in north Philadelphia but now reside in the upper northeast. I had my first child at 20, I now have 3! I started college in 2012 and received my Associates degree in Business and Finance. I am no back in school for my Bachelors in Entrepreneurship & Finance, I will bee graduating this year. I work for a non-profit organization as the Senior Financial and Data Analyst. I operate and maintain a small business I start at the end of 2016 Although, my number one job and priority is being a Mommy to my two boys and my daughter.
Ever since we’ve known each other, your main focus has always been growing and just becoming a better you for yourself and your babies. Tell us how you’ve managed to face adversity countless times and still come out on top? How have you kept yourself so grounded and focused?
No matter how strong we are as a person we still have emotions. It’s ok to be emotional, we as people cannot erase them. What we can do is control the emotion we use and so I like to start thinking logically about situations and positive about situations. The emotions are always there, but the motivation to move on and get pass is always greater than surrendering into sadness. I’m not saying I always thought like this, we all have our downfalls in life. From that down fall we learn what not to do for the next obstacles to come and from that downfall you grow, and that is what I did. In the most calm triumph way, I learned to think out of my emotions to continue life as so needed to, especially because I have 3 little people watching my every move.
Motherhood DOES NOT come with a rulebook, what are some things you have learned over the years and what are some things you have discovered about yourself due to motherhood?
Oh motherhood is wonderful! I grew up around children my whole life my mother had an in house type of daycare and I was always helping. So being a mother was second nature to me. I’m not sure if I can answer this question in just one paragraph, there are so many things to cover when it comes to being a mother. I am a strict but very loving parent. I have the most behaved children I know, sometimes when they are too quiet I get scared. So I run up to them telling them how much I love them. I did make a mistake the other day mentioning to my 7 year old that one day I wouldn’t be here to help him and so I need him to learn how to take care of himself and I totally bombed that conversation because he CRIED! I asked him why he was crying because I did not yell and he told me he was crying because I’m not going to be here one day with him, and yea I cried with him! It was the saddest thing. So now I’m like ok, I have to really watch what I say because they comprehend so much and they know what and what not to react to, so communication with them is on my list of duties to work on lol. Everyday I learn something new, I’m not perfect I’m just a mom.
You nail polish line is to die for by the way! I can’t wait for my order ❤ Tell everyone what inspired your vision? What is your long term goal for your business?
Oh love love love nails by the way. I have been doing my own nails since I was able to have nail polish in my hands. I never really thought of my own line due to the very good ones that were out there. It wasn’t up until I had my daughter, I used to paint her toes to match mines. I would always paint them outside so that he fumed would blow away as soon as possible. I think around the time she turn 1 she started asking me to do her finger nails and I was like ummmm let’s go find some children paint! So I think I bought so many different brands, my issues were 1. Where are all the “nice” colors hiding 2. Why does it peel off 5 mins after it dies 3. Why is it so sticky. Long story short lightbulb turned on and I created Hersiluv Co, a non toxic nail polish line with long wear, beautiful colors and no stickiness! Yes! I love mommy and me time and this is one of the times I get with my daughter that I hope to continue to have as she gets older. Id like hersiluv to crest traditions, bonding, and fun for mothers and daughters around the world.
How do you manage your business, personal, and work life along with being a full-time mommy?
I’m going to be completely honest, I have no idea. Ha ha not the answer you were expecting. I handle it just as anybody else except I don’t make quitting an option for anything I do. I also have a schedule or a way of doing things. I been at this for a long time now so it’s easy for me, but the best thing a new working mother/ student can do is set schedules. So I know my 9-5 job takes up most of my day, my down time in between I make sure I squeeze school assignments in even skip lunch sometimes. When I get home it children time, when they go to bed ( yes I have a set schedule for bed every night, this helps with knowing exactly when you will be free to do what you need for other things. Very important note: schedules are easy when they have been initiated early, starting age 1) so when they go to bed I know I have time to work on my business (social media is great at night) and that’s my day to day conquered! Boom! Set schedules of not it’s all messy.
You’ve been through a lot in your life, what are some pieces of advice that you’d like to give anyone growing through a rough time?
Never ever no matter what situation you are in, give up on yourself. You hold the power to the emotions you have, the actions you make, and the people/thing you keep yourself surrounded by. If you were faced with a decision and tomorrow was our last day on earth, which would you pick to hold on to, those emotions, that pain, that setback, or yourself. Always choose yourself. Always love yourself.



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