Message from Chloe Isabelle <3

Everything I do, you can bet my daughter is right there with me. I was writing a blog post and my princess decided she wanted to write too. Here’s her message: ot5y   Rb   y ,mijf  fgrft rt676bhgyt7t56 d8i”} Rerbe4g vcnb v  4f4fgntgfhbv                 fgbh,8 tgv f

Thought Of The Day

Moms, Is it just me or did bras get extremely annoying after becoming a mom? I’ve tried all kinds of bras, expensive and cheap. They are all annoying. Prior to becoming a mommy, I never had a bad relationship with my bras but NOW? I absolutely detest them. Am I crazy or have you ladies…

Jenn & Avery ♥️

Introduce yourself, tell us about you and your baby girl Hey everyone, My name is Jennifer Santiago most people call me Jenn I’m 22 years oldand I am currently a stay at home mommy to a 9 month old baby girl named Avery Rivera. Before having my daughter I was such a self centered individual…

Sam’s Momterview

Hi beautiful, tell us about yourself:   Well, I’m 27 yrs old and a Mommy of now two little girls. My oldest, Ayanis, is 7 and my newborn, Amiyah, is 3 weeks old. For work, I have based my career in sales. Currently working as a sales supervisor for Latin America territory. Been doing this…

When Does Enough Become Enough?

That kind of inconsistency affects our children in the long run. If you ask a child if they have spoken to their father and they reply, “no, daddy’s busy, he doesn’t have time” it should infuriate you as much as it does me because no matter what the parents go through, a child should never feel like they are the last option. And if at any point you foresee that as the outcome, that is when you should say, “enough is enough”.

Thought Of The Day

I don’t understand why being a single mom is such a “bad thing” for people. I’ve been lucky enough to know single moms who work three times as hard because they’re playing multiple roles in order to give their children a better life. Instead of focusing on why you think a single mom is so…

Kylie and Lae’lanie

Hi Sam, Introduce yourself: Heyyy, my name is Samantha. I’m 23. I am a mother of two girls, one who is 5 and one who is 2. For those of you who don’t know me I’m all about my girls and just know that you will hardly ever see me without my girls. I always have…

Introducing, my little sister: Cely.

“When I had him , all I could think about is him and doing everything I can so that no matter what he’s happy and had all that he needs . I don’t allow myself to get overwhelmed , trust me though it does happen sometimes  . I remember one time we were stranded in a snow storm waiting for the bus and it was freezing out . We were out there for over an hour ? My phone was dead , the last call I made was to his dad who of course didn’t answer . Kayden was crying ,  shrieking , so I started crying because I felt helpless .” Continued…

Tirsa’s Momterview

23 year old business woman, student, airman and most importantly mother who tells us how “it’s possible”. Read more…

Mom-to-Be Stephanie’s Momterview

So what I like to do is ask ladies to tell us about themselves, tell us about Stephanie: Well I’m 17 and currently 9 months pregnant, I moved out of Philadelphia about a month ago for a better environment for my daughter and I. I enjoy nature a lot that’s why I moved to the…

Kimmy’s Momterview <3

“Well I have no friends now, Everyone seemed to disappear after I had her, which is fine because now I know they were not true friends anyways.”

@apachemagic’s Momterview

Find your Tribe: No one knows what you are going through better than someone that’s also going through it. Knowing that other people are experiencing the same thing is very helpful.

Momterview: Chelsy

“Wow, since becoming a mommy, I’ve learned a lot. First starters that unconditional love really does exist. Once you look into your baby’s eyes, the world stops.”

Momterview #1

“Please take care of yourself and recognize that it is possible to “do it all.”

Momterview: @helloimshia

“No matter how strong we are as a person we still have emotions. It’s ok to be emotional, we as people cannot erase them. What we can do is control the emotion we use…”

Sheila’s Momterview <3

A lil bit of myself, well i am a 26 year old mommy of a precious lil Miracle sent from above also, a wife to an amazing husband that has shown me so many things in life! I am a strong believer in God and have always placed my FAITH in him. I was introduced…

Postpartum Depression

This is me at around 2 week’s postpartum. Smiling, seemingly happy, but inside I was already hurting. ⠀ Postpartum Depression hit me right away. I was depressed, lost, confused, I hated myself… the worst part was that I didn’t know why! ⠀ I felt an immense love for my child, I felt so blessed and…